5 Star Review for Dr. Frank Valone

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Dr. Frank Valone’s patient, Therese S., had a great experience with Dr. Valone and the whole the Spine Team. See her 5 Star review!

“Leaving Kaiser Health Care had been the happiest day of my life, until I met Dr. Frank Valone and his team at California Pacific Orthopaedics.  I first went to Dr. Valone because I had right leg pain, disk problems at L2/3 and L4/5, and part of my spine was not straight.  Before opting for surgery, Dr. Valone took a conservative approach and sent me to Dr. Mark Ignatius for pain management.  Dr. Ignatius was a knowledgeable referral, but I did eventually opt for XLIF procedure because the pain got so bad it was difficult for me to walk.

I researched Dr. Valone and this procedure extensively.  His credentials are impeccable and he was very confident about his ability to perform the procedure.  I began to believe the high success rate of this type of surgery I read about was true because I was unable to find any negative reviews about this procedure on line.  Dr. Valone also took time to answer my four pages of questions that I had for him on a subsequent visit.  I spoke to a past patient of Dr. Valone who had the same procedure.  Every positive thing that she said about this procedure occurred in my recovery.  By taking a conservative approach, I feel as if Dr. Valone and Dr. Ignatius took several months to find out where my pain was actually coming from which makes for a better outcome in any back surgery.

The three-hour surgery went well and I was able to walk a little that evening.  I was out of hospital the next day, and my leg pain was gone.  I had pain from the surgery for about 10 days, but was quickly able to stop the pain medication and begin a series of therapeutic walks.  The only problem I encountered was not jeopardizing Dr. Valone’s hard work by bending, twisting or lifting heavy objects after the surgery. I feel so good I keep forgetting I’m post op!

Lastly, I have to say Dr. Valone’s assistant, Margarita Garcia, is also awesome. She was great in getting my state disability paper work in on time, getting messages to Dr. Valone and was just lovely during the office visits. You can’t go wrong with this team.  They are very professional, took time to listen to my concerns and then were able to treat my pain.  Thank you Dr. Valone.”

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