Online Second Opinion

Second opinions are an important aspect of your medical care.

Receiving a second opinion can help you secure the right diagnosis before pursuing a treatment plan, avoid unnecessary procedures or surgeries, and give you confidence that you are making fully-informed decisions about your health.

When you request a virtual second opinion from one of the experts at California Pacific Orthopaedics, a representative from PinnacleCare VirtualConnect will make it easy by providing you with these services:

  • Collection of relevant medical records and images for transfer to our consulting specialist
  • Organization and review of medical records by PinnacleCare Medical Team to assess medical needs and to help prepare specific questions for our consulting specialist
  • Written virtual consultation report provided by one of our orthopaedic specialists for opinion on diagnosis and treatment options, including answers to your specific questions
  • Debriefing with PinnacleCare Medical Director, explaining the consultation in layman’s terms and helping you understand recommended next steps
  • Transfer of the report to your current treating physician


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