Preparation for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Preparation for your surgery begins weeks and sometimes months before the surgery date. Here are just a few things you should expect.

Initial Surgical Consultation. Preoperative X-rays, a complete medical history, a complete surgical history, and a complete list of all medications (i.e., prescription, over-the-counter, vitamin supplements) and allergies will be reviewed.

Complete Physical Examination. Your surgeon will perform a physical examination and determine if your internist or family physician should assist with optimization of medical conditions prior to the surgery. This will ensure that you are in good physical condition on surgery day.

Physical Therapy. Instruction in an exercise program to begin prior to the surgery, as well as an overview of the rehabilitation process after surgery, will better prepare you for postoperative care.

Personal Preparation. You may wish to discuss with your doctor what clothing you should wear on the day of your surgery. You should also bring your insurance information and a list of all your medications and dosages as well as drug allergies.

Evening Before Surgery. Your surgeon may recommend that you not eat or drink after midnight. Your surgeon or anesthesia provider may also recommend that you take some of your routine prescription medications with a sip of water.

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