Quality of Care

There are a number of ways to define quality of care, and a variety of methods for researching health care providers. While some review sites might focus on the color of waiting room furniture, others look at objective criteria such as patient outcomes.

Below are some sites that provide insights about our surgical team. Before you start, we strongly recommend you read the insightful article by ProPublica, “Making the Cut: Why Choosing the Right Surgeon Matters Even More than You Know.”


Guided by experts, ProPublica calculated death and complication rates for surgeons performing one of eight elective procedures in Medicare, carefully adjusting for differences in patient health, age and hospital quality. Use this database to know more about a surgeon before your operation.

California Healthcare Compare

Cal Healthcare Compare makes it easy to find and compare the quality of hospitals and long term care providers in California. For long term care information, please visit Cal Long Term Care Compare and for hospital information visit Cal Hospital Compare. Click the links below to access the websites.
Cal Healthcare Compare is excited to offer California hospitals the new Hospital Community Health Needs Index, an analytic tool that maps specific neighborhoods and hospital admissions to identify social factors that most impact health outcomes. By mapping these vulnerable neighborhoods, hospitals can better identify challenges to focus on at the community level and target potential interventions to address these challenges and help drive change. Visit https://hchni.calhealthcarecompare.org/ to learn more and subscribe.