Ice Skating to Recovery

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Mike, a long-time ice dancer, has been ice skating for practically his whole life from national competitions to skating for exercise. His life passion for ice skating led to pain in his left hip, but with the help of Dr. Peter Callander and his team, Mike is back ice skating in the rink with full flexibility.

“It is a huge important part of my life. For me, I am not competing anymore, but I still skate regularly because it is phenomenal exercise,” he says. “I did not want to give it up and really wanted to be able to get back to it. After I’d skate, I couldn’t go to sleep at night because my hip would be in so much pain.”

For most ice skaters, contusions to the hips are common and can be treated with surgery to restore full range of motion.

“Skating really affected my hips a lot and I have skated all my life,” Mike says. “A lot of professional skaters have had skating injuries, like Tara Lipinski when she had both of her hips done by the time she was in her 30s.”

With Dr. Callander’s special expertise in hip resurfacing arthroplasty, Mike explained that his entire surgery and recovery experience were successful and was able to return to ice skating in the rink at six weeks post-surgery.

“I had full mobility and Dr. Callander is a great skilled surgeon. The surgery center was just wonderful and it couldn’t have been any better. I was super taken care of and it had all the right resources there.”

Ice skating consists of dynamic aerial maneuvers to glide across the ice and at 12 weeks post-surgery, he was able to smoothly ice dance with a partner with full range in motion and flexibility.

“In ice skating you have to have a good turnout. I can actually completely turn my feet out and it’s great with no pain at all,” Mike said.

Mike plans to continue and advance his ice skating activities and is very happy with the results of his hip recovery.

“It’s like I have a brand new hip and having Dr. Callander local was amazing,” Mike says. “Dr. Callander is one of the best on the West Coast!”

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