Marin Century 2021

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This October 2nd, take the time to check out Marin Cyclists’ 58th annual event, Marin Century, at Stafford Lake in Novato. Marin Century is a recreationally popular cycling event since 1963 and has now evolved as one of California’s longest-running road cycling events.

Marin Century consists of five trails ranging from 25 to 128 miles through Northern California and features scenic views of Marin County. While the event is fully booked for riders, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for those who want to help out.

Cycling is a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors while also getting some exercise and having fun. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or new to the sport, it’s critical to learn safety precautions and suggestions for avoiding common cycling injuries before riding.

  • Always use a helmet that correctly fits.
  • Make sure your bike is the right size for you.
  • Wear proper and bright (easy to spot) apparel. Loose clothing can be a hazard.

California Pacific Orthopaedics reminds cyclists of all ages to remember the safety precautions listed above.

Our team of highly skilled physicians and physician assistants are ready to treat and help you recover if you experience a cycling injury or have questions about a previous injury.

Visit our Health Library for more information about preventing biking injuries.

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