Preventing Spring Injuries

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Spring is in the air and there are a variety of activities for everyone to get excited about. Whether you are getting into outdoor athletics or gardening a new landscape, we want to make sure you are prepared for the season.

Before you begin to spring into your sport of choice, it is critical to take some time to condition by stretching, practicing targeted exercises, and avoid exercising through pain.

Orthopedic specialists see many sports-related injuries around this time of year. Elbow injuries, knee injuries, hand and wrist injuries, and overuse injuries are among the most prevalent injuries this season.

Our sports medicine experts are ready to provide the most advanced care available and can diagnose and treat a wide range of sports-related injuries to help you return to a healthy, active, and normal lifestyle.

Visit our Health Library for more information about preventing injuries or feel free to call our office during our regular business hours.

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