Resurfacing Back to Water Skiing

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Brad Angeja


Brad Angeja, a Bay Area native, physician and avid water skier is back to gliding effortlessly on the water after having a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure on his right hip with Dr. Peter Callander and Physician Assistant Johnna Walker.

As a committed athlete, Brad has travelled across California to compete in national tournaments, but he now enjoys water skiing for fun in his hometown. Brad says that he is motivated to be active as much as possible because of his long-term dedication to the recreational sport.

When water skiing, Brad uses his right foot forward to maintain balance on the water. He presumes that this factor may have contributed to his hip problems, but says the initial injury that sparked the surgery was when he was skiing on a snow trip.

“I think my injury was probably in part because I waterski with my right foot forward which adds excess force on my right side” Brad said. “I enjoy snow skiing on occasion, and last year I took a wrong turn on a bump and felt pain in my hip, so that was the injury that led to surgery.”

“For the last 15 years, I have been privileged to ski in San Mateo twice a week. It would be very hard to become disabled and to lose that ability,” Brad said.

Water skiing requires a boat and others to ski with to have momentum on the water. “The difficult thing about waterskiing is that there’s a lot of logistics involved,” Brad said. “I have recognized through the years that it requires a fair amount of planning and coordination.”

Prior to his surgery, Brad had a few appointments with our office, but they were all virtual due to the COVID pandemic. He says the day of his surgery was the first time he met Dr. Callander and Johnna in person.

“It’s a major surgery for me, and having it, when I hadn’t met anyone in person until the day of the procedure, was remarkable,” Brad said. “That’s how much confidence I had in him and his team and it was a good experience.”

Brad was able to return to waterskiing five months after his surgery and says that he is pleased with the results of his new hip.

“My hip is certainly withstanding all of the forces that I put on when I am waterskiing,” Brad said. “I really am appreciative of Dr. Callander and how he takes the time to offer this procedure for patients who want to maintain a high level of physical activity.”

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