Surgeons investigate new shoulder replacement

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Orthopaedic surgeons at California Pacific Orthopaedics are leading a research study evaluating a new investigational device that may improve the outcomes for young, active patients who require shoulder replacement surgery. The device, called a “pyrocarbon humural head,” would be used when the patient does not opt to replace glenoid, or shoulder socket.

“Younger, athletic patients sometimes have a problem with the polyetheline implant used to replace the natural shoulder socket,” says James D. Kelly, M.D., a shoulder replacement expert at California Pacific Orthopaedics. “It can loosen and cause complications, even though a total shoulder replShoulder anatomyacement is often the best option for patients in terms of pain and recovery.”

Traditional metal humural heads can be a challenge for patients when it rubs against the natural bone. “We are investigating if the pyrocarbon head can more closely mimic results to a total shoulder replacement,” says Dr. Kelly. “Pyrocarbon has properties that may provide the ability to move against patient’s native cartilage with less or no pain.”

Patients who are interested to see if they are qualified for participating in this study can contact California Pacific Orthopaedics at 415-392-3225.

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