The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic Therapy

When it comes to injuries, we often turn to taking time off from our activities to rest in efforts to ease our pain. Now, some of us are very eager to return to our daily exercise or favorite sports, but we want to be careful not to re-injure ourselves. So, what activities can we pursue that doesn’t cause stress to our joints, and relieve pain from our injured areas? The answer is aquatic therapy (pool therapy)!

Aquatic therapy is a series of exercises and activities performed in the pool. This unique form of therapy is used to treat an array of different injuries and medical conditions. The benefit of pool therapy comes from the buoyancy of the water. The patient’s weight bearing is reduced which alleviates any additional stress that is placed on the joints. It becomes easier and less painful for the patient to exercise in the water because of the lack of stress on the joints. Pool therapy can help strengthen weakened muscles because the water provides a source of resistance. This means that patients do not need weights in the water which leads to muscle strengthening with decreased stress to the joints.

Some other benefits of aqua therapy consist of: increased flexibility, increased joint range of motion, and relaxation of tight/sore muscles. Aquatic therapy cannot be attempted by all patients. You must check with your healthcare provider to see if you are a candidate for it. Overall, aquatic therapy is a fun and helpful form of therapy that can help put you back onto the road to recovery!

-Rosemary Bautista, 2019 CPO Intern

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